Vitamed Pharma Ltd. was established in 2004 with the goal of supplying the Hungarian market with professional products indispensable for modern veterinary medicine.

Our company supplies a wide range of products for production animals and pets; and has become a major player on the Hungarian market of veterinary medicinal products during the past 15 years.

Our company is 100% Hungarian owned and has a regular staff of 27 who tend to financial, commercial, sales, purchasing, logistics and marketing tasks.

We started our operation (Vitamed Pharma Cesko, s.r.o.) in the Czech Republic in 2010.

Our company has received the GMP+ certification for the commercial activities in 2019.



With 10 veterinarians, 2 agricultural engineers and 2 pharmacists, our company provides expertise in the treatment of both production animals and pets.


Our company philosophy is defined by our slogan: Caring for healthy animals. Determination and expertise help us in achieving our goal: preventing animal diseases, preserving health, treating diseased animals and easing their suffering.

The quality of our own products is a priority, and we manage their life cycle from development through manufacture to utilization, including medical and marketing support. Beside the high quality of our products, we take pride in creating value, so we organize professional events accredited by the Hungarian Veterinary Chamber for production animal and small animals to provide professional education.


As a major player on the Hungarian market of veterinary medical products and feed additives, our aim is to be present in the most important countries in Central Europe.


Beside our own products we are exclusive distributors of 6 partner companies for all or some of their products. Lavet Ltd., the largest manufacturer of veterinary medical products in Hungary who distribute their products to many countries in Europe, is our biggest supplier.

Some of our own products – medicines and feed additives – are produced by a supply company, but we have opened our own manufacturing unit in 2017 in Harta, which is able to fulfil the majority of our manufacturing operations and thus we have 100% control over the high quality expectations we have set.

Our portfolio is constantly growing, currently it includes more than 100 products, almost 40 of which are intended for pets.


With a stock of hundreds of millions HUF, we are able to provide reliable service to our partners. Our products are available through wholesalers, veterinary clinics and pharmacies or directly through our company, specially for pet products, for which we provide delivery to our vet partners in Budapest.


We guarantee the high quality of our products, which is confirmed by the continuous growth of our turnover on the Hungarian market.